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Our goal with each patient’s treatment is complete satisfaction. We ask for feedback on each procedure completed and we are delighted when we hear, read or see how Art of Cosmetic Dentistry patients feel about their results. All of our marketing features actual patient results and we are extremely proud to share this with you.


Art of Cosmetic Dentistry patients will occasionally provide us feedback on their visit and preferences. As a benefit to other patients, new and established patients provide written testimonials, video testimonials and images displaying our results. Please feel free to view and share the testimonials below. Although we may request our patients feedback, our process is always unscripted and genuinely from the patients perspective.


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Dr. Morgan and our staff genuinely care about your feedback. If you would like to provide us a written statement of your most recent visit, please do so via email at Concierge@RayMorganDMD.com or via our patient confirmation software, Demand Force. At the conclusion of every visit, our system will send you a survey to complete. It is at your convenience and by choice if you choose to share this with us. We appreciate all factual feedback and use it as an opportunity to celebrate, grow and learn.


Given the opportunity to capture Art of Cosmetic Dentistry’s patients sharing with us, and others, hearing how they feel about our services is unbeatable. As you review each patient’s feedback, please realize these sessions are unscripted. This tool was designed for those who want to hear the reviews of our patients and would like to share them with other patients they may know. If you are a raving fan wanting to share your feedback for our next video session, please contact our office at 404-816-8200 or email at Concierge@RayMorganDMD.com. We appreciate each patient’s willingness to participate, share and refer through the video testimonial process.

Our Video Gallery


The work and results of our entire dental team is proudly on display in the photo gallery. Feel free to review before and after digital images organized by procedure with a special emphasis on the “After” or result of the dental treatment. This tool is designed to create rapport between the dentist/dental team and patient with their likes, concerns and goals for treatment. Dr. Morgan does not believe in imaging, as it is not exact and may produce a false expectation for results. Our goal is document as much of the treatment process as possible as each patient provides us an opportunity to grow, learn and better understand the use of our materials and technology. We frequently schedule photo shoots to capture our patients before and after results. If you would be willing to share your results please let us know this at your next scheduled dental visit. We appreciate all of our patients who have participated and will participate in the future with this process; it is key to patient and team understanding of results.

Our Results Gallery


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