Art of Cosmetic Dentistry believes in using current technology to treat, diagnose and explain our patient’s dental conditions. Our team’s use of technology ensures we provide each patient experience with accuracy, quality and comfort. In order to maintain our teams high standard of care, we employ the use of this current technology to whiten, digitally impress, straighten, test for oral cancer, detect decay digitally capture records and X-ray with minimal disruption.


ZOOM whitening and tooth bleaching is one of the most conservative cosmetic dental treatments available at Art of Cosmetic Dentistry and is a great starting point for anyone looking to improve their smile. The in-office ZOOM treatment is administered by our dental team and overseen by the dentist using whitening gel and a powerful UV arc light that accelerates the process. This tool gives patients an in-office whitening treatment that can take them up to 9 shades brighter.


Art Of Cosmetic Dentistry  Dental RoomArt of Cosmetic Dentistry is pleased to provide our patients the ease and versatility of digital impressions freeing them from having to take traditional impressions, which can leave a bad taste and sometimes cause gagging or nausea in sensitive patients. The latest 3M digital scanner allows our team to deliver comprehensive care to our patients by providing them a better experience, which makes their care more interactive and therefore makes treatment easier to explain and understand. A better patient experience translates into better oral care as digital files better communicate and demonstrate desired outcome between our doctors and labs. Finally, digital dentistry has had a great impact on our team as it reduces remakes and wasted patient and office time. This tool allows patients to enjoy the technology as it shows them a 360 degree image of their mouth.


The ClearCorrect system is a series of clear, removable aligners that gradually shift teeth into the correct position. The aligners,which are plastic trays similar to those used in whitening, are created especially for you based on the treatment plan you devise with Dr. Morgan. The aligners are crafted using digital mapping and molding technology, making them highly precise and effective. This tool allows patients another option that is perfect for high profile patients or regular patients that want bracket-free orthodontic treatment.


Dr. Morgan and our team of dental professionals perform a detailed visual oral cancer screening at each hygiene visit. In addition to a visual check, our team recommends ViziLite Plus. This simple technology assists in the early detection of oral abnormalities including premalignant lesions and oral cancers. ViziLite improves the examiners ability to identify, evaluate and monitor irregular areas that may be difficult to observe or identify in conventional or natural lighting. The painless exam consists of rinsing with a medicated solution, inspection by a dental professional using the specially designed light technology, and then any suspicious lesions are detected and marked with T-Blue 630 and documented, biopsied, or monitored by your dental team. This diagnostic tool can save a life.


Our team utilizes Ivoclar soft tissue lasers to remove and cauterize tissue. This highly useful technology allows for tissue reduction without bleeding and promotes a quick and pain-free healing period. This tool allows patients to have excess tissue removed or cleaned up easily with minimal discomfort.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and it is our goal with every patient to document in writing as well as digitally as much about their treatment as possible. The Digi-Doc digital camera we use allows us an unobstructed 360 degree view of the mouth allowing our teams to locate even the smallest of developing dental defects by taking extremely close-up, high resolution images that contain far more detail than a human eye is capable of perceiving unaided. Furthermore, these images are instantaneously transmitted and displayed on the monitors within each of our treatment rooms, allowing the patient to see exactly what the doctor sees. This tool enables patients to make more empowered choices about the dental treatment recommendations made by our team.


ACD Patient MatthewDEXIS Digital Radiography is used by the Art of Cosmetic Dentistry dental team to x-ray our patients. This digital x-ray system delivers high quality diagnostic images to our dentists and team allowing us to discontinue the use of chemicals and paper and spend more time discussing results with our patients. Patients appreciate digital x-rays as it significantly reduces their exposure to radiation and wait time. This tool has several clear benefits, and most patients enjoy less radiation with the added benefit better understanding of treatment.


Art of Cosmetic Dentistry is a paperless dental office. This translates to more efficiency, increased privacy, and more cohesive patient records as all information is directly inserted into the patient’s digital file. The paperless intake process reduces waste significantly and also is great for office and patient organization. In addition to our chartless office, we also request our patients arrive early to complete our New Patient forms available via iPad accessibility. This tool allows for better office management of our patients key resources, reduces unnecessary paper waste and provides a central location for overall increasing overall patient satisfaction.