Ages 6-12- Dental Concerns from the Art of Cosmetic Dentistry Buckhead

The period between the ages of 6 and 12 are some of the most significant to your child’s mouth. It is a period of great transition with baby teeth residing side by side with adult teeth. Often one or more baby teeth will be loose. This creates an obstacle course for brushing, making this a good time to invest in an electric toothbrush. The permanent 6 and 12 year molars erupt during this time period as well and will benefit from the placement of dental sealants. It is also a period where many children are in orthodontics. Allowing plaque to accumulate on the tooth surface around the orthodontics will contribute to the formation of decalcification and tooth decay. A fluoride rinse will help alleviate this problem. Finally, provide your child with dental floss picks so that they may incorporate flossing into their daily routine.