Chemical Erosion From Acidic Food-Art of Cosmetic Dentistry Buckhead

According to the most recent issue of RDH magazine, dental erosion is on the rise over the past five years. This chemical erosion is the results from prolonged exposure to acid that prevents the enamel remineralization. The tooth becomes soft in these areas and are more vulnerable to abrasion and attrition. It appears as a smooth or flat surface on the teeth often near the cervical junction. The increased occurrence of chemical erosion is due in large part to the drinks we bathe our teeth in every day. Drinks such as soft drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, juice, wine, and coffee all lower the pH in the mouth and create an environment that promotes chemical erosion. Another common factor is acid reflux that has not been diagnosed and goes untreated allowing the hydrochloric acid and fumes of the stomach to enter the mouth causing damage. Bulimia, an eating disorder that involves frequent vomiting can produce the same damage in the mouth. Medications that reduce the salivary flow also inadvertently lower the pH of the mouth and lead to damage as well. The first step to preventing further damage is to identify the cause. If it is due to dietary influences nutritional counseling and patient home care adjustments are needed. If the damage is due to one of the other factors it calls for the dentist to refer the patient to their medical doctor, and to communicate with them concerns about the patients oral health.