Cleaning Interdentally

While proper tooth brushing will remove the plaque and food debris that accumulates on the front and back surfaces of the teeth it does not address the spaces in between. By now everyone has heard that they need to floss, and it is still the most recommended interdental cleaner. However, there are other products on the market that your dental office may recommend that you try in conjunction with flossing like a proxy brush or a rubber tip stimulator. My favorite is the interproximal brush.  A stimulator only massages the gum tissue, but it does not clean an interproximal space. Unfortunately all teeth are not evenly spaced apart. A wider space between teeth is not going to be adequately cleaned out by floss alone. An interproximal brush will get into these wider areas, and remove any food and plaque debris as well as stimulating the tissue. Interproximal brushes are manufactured by a number of companies, and any one that works best for your mouth is the one you should use. They come in a variety of handle lengths to ease manipulating them in between the back teeth. There are also a variety of brush head sizes that range from extremely thin to fat and they are usually cone or cylinder shaped. Some brushes even come with a cap for easy travel. When using the brush gently work it in between the teeth prior to tooth brushing. After use rinse debris from the interproximal brush and store for further use.