Denture Care-Art of Cosmetic Dentistry Buckhead

While dentures are increasingly less common today, there are times when it is the best option for a patient either due to the inability to successfully place implants or the increased cost of doing implant dentures. Traditional dentures can be worn comfortably without anyone realizing they are artificial teeth. Proper care is essential to prolong the function and appearance of the dentures. Denture stomatitis is one of the most common problems associated with wearing dentures. It is a disease that results from the interactions of bacteria and fungus in the mouth and results in inflammation and pathological changes to the tissues of the mouth. The best way to prevent this is the removal of the biofilm from the dentures either mechanically or chemically. While brushing with a denture brush is a good way to remove debris, using a regular toothpaste with it is not recommended. It will scratch the surface of the denture and increase the possibility of bacterial contamination. Instead, use a nonabrasive denture cleanser. Chemical agents in the form of denture cleaning tablets, soap, and vinegar are all effective while leaving the denture undamaged. Also, the denture should always be thoroughly rinsed after cleaning and before returning it to the mouth. Never put a denture or any other type of dental appliance in boiling water to disinfect it after an illness. The denture should be removed nightly to keep the oral tissue and bone ridge healthy. Finally, the denture should be cleaned and inspected by a dentist annually.