Do You Have Any Medication Changes?

One of the questions we ask a patient at the start of an appointment here at the Art of Cosmetic Dentistry in Buckhead is if they have had any changes in their medications. This question always generates any number of responses. Some patients are very knowledgeable about the name, the type of drug, the dosage, and the frequency of their medications. Other patients will carry a small list with them with all of this information available for the office to copy. Finally, there are the patients who have no idea what they are taking or how much. Though it may seem like an irritation to reveal medical history information and medications to your dental office, it is vital that we have all of your current information. If you ever need a prescription from us for pain or a dental infection we need to know all of your medical and prescription information to accurately prescribe a new medication for you. A recent episode of Dr. Oz advised patients to have their dental office call their pharmacy to double check any medications they are on before prescribing opioids. I strongly urge you not to take this advice. It is not feasible for your dental office to call and speak to a pharmacist every time you need a prescription called in. Tooth aches and dental emergencies frequently happen after some pharmacies are closed, and the dental staff will be left without the knowledge they need to treat you. Finally, your general dental office requires up to date information in the event that you experience a dental emergency at the office. We once had a patient come in to the office displaying stroke symptoms. After a quick examination to confirm our suspicions we were forced to call an ambulance for her. One of the problems in getting her quick treatment was that she had been telling us she had no changes on her contact information and medical history when in fact nothing was correct. The staff was forced to dig through her purse to find pill bottles and an address book to get the information we needed for the emergency personnel. As a general dentist office we are an important part of your healthcare team, and are required by law to respect your privacy. On your next appointment be sure and correctly update all of your information.