General Dentistry

general dentist atlanta gaArt of Cosmetic Dentistry is a general dentistry office focused on beautiful cosmetic results at no additional charge to our patients. Our dental team is trained annually to use the latest technology and finest American-made materials to deliver the best care for our patients. Our goal is to provide as much dental care as our patients need in one convenient location, however if we feel your treatment will be best accomplished with a specialist referral we will recommend you immediately.

Porcelain Dentistry

Since the early 1970’s, all ceramic or porcelain dentistry has changed the way dentists practice and how patients feel about the dental treatment they are receiving. The appearance of all porcelain dentistry gives patients the restorations they need with the cosmetic benefits they want.

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Restorative Dentistry

The general dentists at Art of Cosmetic Dentistry work primarily to repair and restore our patient’s teeth. There are many factors that may cause teeth to need repair including large amounts of decay, trauma or congenital defects. With today’s technology a wide array of attractive cosmetic appearing options are available for patients.

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Full Service Dentistry

Art of Cosmetic Dentistry’s goal is to be a full service dentistry location for our patients. We do our best to care for each one of our patients individually by offering personalized, quality care you can trust. In addition, when possible our team uses our experience to provide the comprehensive dentistry you will need.

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