Porcelain Dentistry

Since the early 1970’s, all ceramic or porcelain dentistry has changed the way dentists practice and how patients feel about the dental treatment they are receiving. The appearance of all porcelain dentistry gives patient restorations they need with the cosmetic benefits they want. All ceramic dental options have patients superior cosmetic results without the use of metals enabling them to bend completely with surrounding natural teeth.


Denal Crowns AtlantaArt of Cosmetic Dentistry uses only 100% solid porcelain for our patient’s dental restorations including crowns, which are commonly referred to as “caps.” An all-ceramic crown is a dental restoration our dentist can create with the help of a laboratory for patients with missing tooth structure desiring no metal understructure. Crowns cover 360 degrees, or all areas, of an existing tooth or tooth structure. In some instances, your natural tooth structure may need to be minimized to ensure the crown securely adheres to and covers the needed area. Crowns may be recommended by our team due to composite or amalgam fillings that have served their time and require replacement. They also help to improve or straighten corked teeth, close unsightly spaces or replace missing teeth. A patient can become accustomed to having a crown and using this restoration as they use their natural teeth. Although crowns can come in a variety of materials such as gold and porcelain with metal understructure, the most popular crowns we provide for our patients are supported with Zirconia. Our doctors prefer to provide our patients with all-ceramic crowns because they can virtually disappear or go unnoticed in the mouth. At Art of Cosmetic Dentistry we feel our patients deserve the best restoration possible, and a crown made from 100% porcelain looks, lasts and feels best when it is made without the use of a silver metal lining. As our crown wears or ages, our patients will notice no embarrassing metal lining or shadows in their dental work when they smile. Caring for your new crowns is especially important and can be done easily by brushing and flossing twice daily. Please prevent from damaging or fracturing your porcelain restorations by avoiding chewing hard foods, ice or other hard materials.


Julie's VeneersMost commonly seen on actors and celebrities, porcelain veneers are a beautiful, long lasting and natural-looking option for dental patients that qualify for this type of treatment. Designed to enhance the smile in many ways, veneers offer patients an option to eliminate a variety of dental problems without complete removal of their natural teeth. Dentist can use veneers to make teeth look straighter, close uneven spaces, hide chips, cover worn teeth and lighten stained or dark teeth. When patients are interested in this procedure they can discuss options with our dentist to see if they qualify for veneers. Once a patient is approved for veneers, the cosmetic process begins with careful attention paid to the color and size of the veneers. Our dentists are specifically trained in the veneer process and how to customize for each patient. Once the color, shape and size are discussed and the dentist and patients are on the same page the careful measurements are sent to the lab for fabrication. Our office uses only the most qualified American-made labs in the country. Our dentist’s deliver veneers by adhering thin layers of porcelain to the patients natural teeth and bonding the restorations firmly into place. To care for your new porcelain veneers simply floss, brush and visit Art of Cosmetic Dentistry for your 6 month hygiene cleaning and exam with our dentist.


Art of Cosmetic Dentistry and our dental team practice conservative dentistry. Our goal is to inform the patient of a variety of treatment options they may use to reach their desired outcome. Dental inlays and onlays are a safe, conservative dental option for patients that may not be ready for a crown but may have a need for a restoration that requires more than a composite filling. Our dentists create inlays/onlays for patients by making a replica of the missing dental piece and adhering it to the natural tooth. Careful attention is paid by the dentist to discuss color, size and shape with the patient throughout this process. These “puzzle piece” restorations restore strength, beauty and reduce unnecessary treatment.