Genetic Testing for Dentistry-Art of Cosmetic Dentistry Buckhead

Inflammation has become the latest buzzword in health news. It is an equally relevant word to dental health news as well. The link between the periodontal disease of the mouth with heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes, and preterm/low birth weight is widely accepted now. This is due to the development of systemic inflammation that can trigger or exacerbate these health problems. What is increasingly apparent is that there is a genetic factor that contributes to these conditions. One factor, interleukin gene 1,  is overproduced in 1 of 3 people which significantly increases their risk of developing periodontal disease. There are now tests that can determine a patients risk factors for inflammatory issues. The tests can be performed at home merely by swabbing the cheek. Diagnosis of these types of genetic risk factors allows the patient and care team to customize the necessary treatment to reduce inflammation and to prevent disease onset or progression.