Halitosis-Art of Cosmetic Dentistry

Around 75% of all cases of halitosis or bad breath originate in the mouth. They are the result of poor oral hygiene or active disease. Untreated decay or broken restorations that trap food and bacteria are one source of mouth odor. Attending to your dental restorative needs will remove these hard to clean areas. Periodontal disease will also cause bad breath odor. Professional dental cleanings that effectively treat the gingival pocketing to remove bacteria and debris trapped there will assist with this problem. Lack of effective home care that allows food debris and plaque bacteria to accumulate in between the teeth and on the tongue is another source of odor in a healthy mouth. Proper brushing technique and a daily routine that incorporates an electric toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste, floss, interdental cleaners, tongue scrapers, and an antibacterial mouth rinse