Latest and Greatest Whitening Toothpaste

Frequently in dentistry we get questions about over the counter whitening toothpastes. It is a frustrating topic for those of us in dentistry because over the counter toothpaste doesn’t whiten, it only brightens. Whitening is done by products formulated from peroxides. No over the counter product will effectively bleach better than a product obtained from your dental office. Only a dental office can sell a product with a strong enough peroxide to actually whiten. A new product is getting a lot of buzz on social media for its whitening claims. This toothpaste receives mixed reviews from users though. Many complained of canker sores which can easily be attributed to the sodium laurel sulfate in the ingredient list. It also relies on alumina to produce the clean, reduced plaque feeling they advertise. Alumina is an abrasive. Many people complained that after a few weeks of use they had terrible sensitivity issues which can be the result of an overly abrasive toothpaste. Finally, this product promotes that it is free of dangerous peroxides. Peroxide is only dangerous when consumed in high concentrations, not from merely wearing whitening trays. It is important to remember that fantastic claims from over the counter products cannot always be trusted.