New Year, New Eating

It is January and as usual we are inundated with messages about how to lose weight and get healthy. All of the yummy holiday foods are now gone from the grocery store and have been replaced with the low fat, sugar free, and unprocessed foods. We all know that these choices are good for our body but did you realize these choices also help your teeth. A steady “diet” of sugary foods and drinks can also damage your teeth. Plaque, the sticky film that we remove from our teeth with brushing, flossing, and rinsing contains bacteria. This bacteria produces acid as a by-product of eating the sugar that we ingest. This acid attacks the enamel surface of the tooth, and can remain on the surface of the teeth for 20 minutes after eating. Over time the worn enamel decays and becomes a cavity.  Sipping a sugary drink or sucking on mints or candies can keep the acid production levels high all through the day making your teeth vulnerable to cavities. This year be mindful of your choices for your body and your teeth.