Proper Brushing Technique for Manual Toothbrushes

While the most effective toothbrush is an electric toothbrush, many people still prefer a manual toothbrush.  As I mentioned in my previous blog, technique is key for ensuring the best result.  There are a multitude of sizes and shapes available on the toothbrush aisle. It is really a matter of personal preference.  What is essential is choosing a soft bristle.  This more effectively removes soft plaque and food debris from the gum line. Brushing at least twice a day, once in the morning and right before bedtime, for two minutes is the best regimen.  Hold the brush at a 45 degree angle and use short gentle strokes to clean the outside and the inside surfaces of all teeth, and then finish by gently brushing the tongue.  The typical lifespan of a toothbrush is 2-3 months, or sooner if you become ill.  Finally, examine the bristles of your current brush.  If the bristles are splayed out after a short period of use you are using too much pressure to brush.