September 11, 2001

0406161046Today marks the fifteenth anniversary of the terrible tragedy that our nation experienced on this date. I was working in the same dental office then, that I work in now. It was just an ordinary Tuesday, and I was cleaning my room for my next patient when the Today show went live to a plane crash at the World Trade Center. Our office has televisions in every room, and many of the patients saw the the coverage of the tragedies for the first time as they arrived at our office for their appointments. Some of our patients had called to cancel appointments because they had loved ones on planes or in New York or Washington that they were waiting to hear from. It was an anxious and sad day, but there was also strength. The staff kept each other going, a hug or a tissue whenever it was needed for each other or the patients. It was an experience many Americans had that day. In addition to grief and shock, the shared experience of relying on each other to be strong in the face of a horrible national tragedy is the best legacy of that day.