Silent Nite Appliance

Snoring is a source of contention in many marriages. That is unfortunate as there are ways to address this problem. One alternative is the Silent Nite appliance. While sleeping the muscles and soft tissue in the mouth and throat relax which reduces the airway. When this occurs the velocity of air flow during breathing increases and causes the soft palate and uvula to vibrate which produces the sound of snoring. The Silent Nite appliance is a custom laminated upper and lower form that is only 2 millimeters thick. It utilizes special connectors to gently reposition the lower jaw in a more forward position. This enables the airway to stay open and prevent the vibration which produces the snoring sound. The custom fit is snug, does not cause any discomfort, and it has been shown to be 70 to 100% effective in snoring prevention. This appliance is unlikely to be covered by dental insurance, and has a cost point of less than a thousand dollars in most offices.