Stocking Stuffers from the Art of Cosmetic Dentistry

“As a general dentist, I believe that mouthguards may be the most under utilized dental appliance in existence. They are easy to make and they prevent damage, injury and save countless dollars in treatment. They are not just for football. Mouthguards should be worn in any sport or activity where a collision with a person or object might occur. Baseball, basketball, lacrosse, doubles tennis, soccer, and hockey are a few examples. Anybody who habitually grinds or clenches their teeth should wear a guard as well. The worst thing that can happen when wearing a properly fitted mouth guard is nothing. Once a tooth is damaged, it is damaged for life. As wonderful as our modern reparative techniques are these days, we simply cannot recreate Mother Nature’s original work. If your activities make you a good candidate for a mouthguard, please let us help.”
-Dr. Steven Shepperd



Night Guard