Tis the Season for a Cracked Tooth- Art of Cosmetic Dentistry

As Dr. Morgan loves to point out we are entering the “eating season”. While we all enjoy the abundance of treats that we don’t normally indulge in the rest of the year it can be harmful to more than your waistline. From Halloween until the last of the Easter Candy your teeth are vulnerable to assault from your food choices. Popcorn tins are one of the worst offenders. The hidden hard kernel that you bite with full force will act like a wedge, cracking a tooth with an invisible fracture. Hard breads are also a danger. The hard roll at the restaurant for your Christmas party, the chocolate dipped pretzels from the neighbor, or the biscotti with a coffee at the mall are all waiting to crack an old filling or the more vulnerable tooth structure around the filling. Grabbing a piece of candy from the bowl on the counter, and biting into a hard nut hidden inside a chocolate can easily crack a piece of porcelain off of an old restoration. Usually the injured tooth will be one that has been on a treatment plan due to its aging filling or visible fracture. Unfortunately you will now be racing against the calendar to get the tooth repaired before the holidays. If you need a crown, there are restrictions about payments regarding the seat date with many insurance companies. It is also difficult to get an appointment due to the limited number of appointments available. Many patients have planned for months to have an appointment at the end of the year and have made an appointment well in advance. Also, most offices will have holiday closures to consider. During this season it is a wise policy to think before you biteĀ  if you have been advised that you have outstanding treatment, or perhaps pick up the phone and schedule that appointment before it’s too late.