Tooth Fairy Fun- Art of Cosmetic Dentistry Buckhead

One of the most important milestones in you child’s life is the loss of the first baby tooth. Many teachers keep a classroom chart so it is an important social marker for them that they are growing up. In addition, they are excited to get money for leaving their tooth for the tooth fairly. It is important to record this special event in their baby book and to take a photo as well. A fun activity is to allow your child to help choose how they will leave the tooth for the tooth fairy. We made a pillow from one of my daughter’s baby blankets. Another fun activity is to leave a glass of water for the tooth fairy to wash her wings off. The next morning don’t be surprised to find a little glitter floating in there or even a color change. Finally the night before her arrival is a good time to read a fun children’s book about the tooth fairy. Make it a special memory for you and your child.