Toothbrushing Technique- Art of Cosmetic Dentistry

I recently attended a very informative continuing education class on toothbrush technique. I know for myself that I frequently zone out as I brush my teeth, and it turns out that studies prove that is actually common in most people. In general, people brush erratically and tend to brush the spot they began in most while missing other spots completely. Also, toothpaste is not as beneficial as we have been led to believe.  First, if using a manual toothbrush you should brush 3 minutes, but if using an electric toothbrush brush for 2 minutes. Second, brush first with a toothbrush wet with water only, and use a toothpaste briefly at the end. Toothpaste frequently tricks us into feeling our teeth are really clean. The toothpaste numbs our tongue and it tingles with “freshness”. In reality we use too much toothpaste, and it fills our mouth with foam making us brush less time than is adequate. Finally, start with your trouble areas first. The lower anterior lingual is the most critical area to clean so start there. Trying these techniques should lead to less plaque and calculus build up.