Utilize Your Remaining Benefits

We have reached the end of the calendar year so it’s time for me to ask if you have a plan to fully utilize your remaining dental benefits. Each year there is a set amount of benefits attached to any insurance plan. Most plans top out at between $1500-2000 annually, and deduct your cleanings from this total. If you get to the end of the year and you have any remaining work it would be wise to use this money to do some of the work. First, determine if you actually have any benefits remaining. If you have been referred out to another office like an endodontist, oral surgeon, or periodontist and received treatment your general dentist will not know how much of your benefits were used at these offices. Call your dental insurer to make sure these benefits are available. Secondly, have a discussion with your dentist to prioritize your work into a treatment plan that will allow you to use the last of your benefits. Finally, speak to a treatment coordinator to ensure that the holiday schedule will accommodate your treatment. There are insurance companies that require that a crown be seated prior to the end of the year so you will need to make your appointment early enough to allow around two weeks for the lab to fabricate your crown.