Veneers from the Art of Cosmetic Dentistry

Here at the Art of Cosmetic Dentistry Buckhead we follow the guidelines of the Las Vegas Institute, a post graduate institute for cosmetic dental techniques. The Las Vegas Institute or LVI promotes the concept of marrying form and function in cosmetic restorations. A properly restored mouth should have harmony between the aesthetic appearance, muscles of the face, and the occlusion. This will lead to less grinding or clenching and ultimately a more stable occlusion. Over the course of a lifetime it will reduce TMJ, migraines, occlusal wear, and broken teeth / restorations. A patient interested in veneers will first come in for a consult with our doctors for an evaluation of the appearance and function of their smile. This will usually involve photos. radiographs, and periodontal probing to prepare for the veneers. Then the doctor will discuss the routes for restoring the patient’s mouth with veneers, either starting with orthodontics or restorations. Next they will do diagnostic casts of the patient’s mouth and produce a wax up of the veneers. The wax up will be a representation of what the patient’s actual smile with the veneers in place. After the patient has asked the doctor any questions about their veneers it is time to proceed with treatment. Once the final veneers are placed, an occlusal guard is made to fit over the veneers to ensure that they will be protected. Wearing the occlusal guard will ensure the patient’s investment in veneers will be protected.


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