What is a ViziLite Plus Oral Cancer Screening?

Every dental cleaning appointment should include a visual examination of the entire mouth for oral cancer where the doctor closely inspects the mouth and tongue. The ViziLite Plus is a simple two minute test that works in conjunction with the physical exam to reveal any precancerous or cancerous lesions not visible to the eye. Risk factors for oral cancer include the following: over 40 with no lifestyle risk factors, tobacco users of any kind, alcohol consumption, and patients with a history of oral cancer. A risk factor that is often overlooked is the human papilloma virus. This an extremely common sexually transmitted infection, particularly in the 16-20 age range, that is responsible for 20% of oral cancer. People who do not smoke and have no lifestyle risk factors account for 25% of oral cancer cases. The ViziLite exam involves a one minute rinse with a cleansing solution, and then a thorough exam with the ViziLite light wand in a dark room. Any suspicious areas will glow white during this exam. They will then be marked with T-Blue dye and documented for a referral to an oral surgeon. Unfortunately the exam is not usually covered by insurance, but early detection will result in treatment that is less complex. less invasive, and more successful. For more information see www.vizilite.com