Dr. Ray H. Morgan Jr., Dr. Steven M. Shepperd and Dr. Larry Jurgutis are pleased to incorporate the use of intraoral cameras in Atlanta, Georgia. This pen-shaped device allows our dentists to easily and carefully maneuver around your mouth and take high-quality color photos of your teeth and gums, which can be used to diagnose a variety of potential problems. This tool is especially effective at helping our dentists spot early signs of periodontal disease or other tissue damage in your mouth. For certain procedures, we may also use the intraoral camera to examine your mouth after treatment has been completed to ensure that everything is healing properly.

With the images taken by this convenient device, our dentists or their team can also provide you a unique look at your mouth and recommend effective techniques that you can use to improve your overall oral health. These photos can also be easily sent to other dentists or specialists, as well submitted to dental insurance companies if need be. This device, along with all other high-tech equipment we utilize, continues to help us provide each patient with quality care. If you would like to see for yourself how we incorporate this efficient technology, call Art Of Cosmetic Dentistry today at 404-816-8200 to schedule an appointment!