Many people feel anxious at the prospect of visiting the dentist and if you are one of those people, our dentist and team may be able to help. We offer IV sedation in Atlanta, Georgia, to help you mitigate your anxiety while you are at our office.

IV sedation involves administering the sedative directly to your bloodstream intravenously. This is a very effective method that takes effect quickly. You will feel relaxed and may even feel like you are going to sleep. In fact, you may not remember parts of your appointment. However, you actually remain conscious and can still communicate with our dentist and team if need be. IV sedation is very safe, and our team will monitor you throughout your appointment to avoid any potential complications. It is important that you have someone drive you home after your visit and stay with you until the effects of the medication have completely worn off. Our dentist will need to review your treatment and your medical history before using IV sedation so it is important that you contact our office prior to your appointment.

If you would like to use IV sedation during your next visit with Dr. Larry Jurgutis, call Art Of Cosmetic Dentistry today at 404-816-8200.