Dr. Ray H. Morgan Jr. provides clear braces to straighten your smile. These tooth-colored brackets are typically made of porcelain, producing a more natural appearance for your teeth and smile during your treatment.

Clear braces work the same way that traditional braces do – using a system of brackets, wires and bands to gently move your teeth into their correct positions. Unlike traditional braces, they are designed to blend in with the color of your teeth for a more aesthetic appearance during treatment. Clear braces are typically made of tooth-colored material like porcelain. This makes them an excellent option for adults as well as teenagers. Many patients have also found clear braces to be more comfortable to wear than metal braces, as they are often slightly smaller.

Our dentist will provide you with instructions on the best ways to brush and floss during your treatment and on foods that you should avoid in order to keep your braces in good condition.

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