At Art Of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Ray H. Morgan Jr. and Dr. Steven M. Shepperd are excited to offer restorative dentistry in Atlanta, Georgia! This branch of dentistry is focused around restoring the function and appearance of your smile by giving you long lasting solutions. This is especially true if you have experienced tooth damage, decay or even a total loss of your one or more teeth. If you are looking to restore a healthy and strong smile to your face, we happily offer the following services:

With years of experience at providing this quality restorative care, our excellent dentists are prepared to work with your individual dental needs to help get you confident smile you deserve! We begin by carefully and thoroughly examining your smile with our advanced dental technology, obtaining an accurate picture of your mouth. After discussing with you what your goals are for your smile, we can then point out areas where we can recommend specific procedures or treatments. You can be sure that each one of our treatment options are designed around your comfort, as well as getting results. To take your first steps to restoring your happy smile, give us a call today at 404-816-8200!